Following the recent announcement of funding by the Government of Canada, the Small-Scale Food Processor Association launched the Venture Capital Ready Investment Training National Program for Women Entrepreneurs. The program is aimed at food industry women entrepreneurs looking to launch or scale up their businesses to meet market demand.




We are grateful that NIWEE has been designated a training partner for Indigenous women.
To complete the Circle, NIWEE has also entered into a collaborative agreement with FEAD, the Female Entrepreneurs in Agri-Food Development, which is dedicated to empowering and advancing women entrepreneurs in the dynamic food and beverage sector. 

Through these collaborative resources, Niwee will provide its allies training and support to Indigenous women interested in launching or scaling a food processing or beverage business. In short, NIWEE will offer Indigenous women interested a three-pronged program made up of:


  1. NIWEE’s basic business training with one-on-one coaching and mentorship for up to three years.

  2. We will then recommend selected prospective entrepreneurs for specialized training in the food and beverage industry, including skill development, opportunity identification, manufacturing support, and marketing initiatives.
  3. And bring you back to Niwee for your training on accessing venture capital for funding your business needs.


If interested, please contact



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