Apply, Enroll and Become a GrandMother Moon Fellow


NIWEE is currently accepting applications on an ongoing basis and will review them as they are submitted. Those who submit their applications before July 30th will be considered for the September 2023 cohort. However, if you apply after this date, your application will be placed on a waiting list.









To Enroll


You’re an Indigenous woman aged 17 or older, a NIWEE Member and is interested in launching a business or scaling an early-stage business. If so, enroll in the NIWEE Entrepreneurship Training and Coaching program. 


Click here to learn more about the program

Your 4 Steps to Enroll:


To begin, become a NIWEE member and the Become A Grandmother Moon Fellowship application page will open to apply. 

Step 1:


Apply to become a NIWEE member (It's free) and once approved as a member, you will recieve a confirmation of your membership within 24 hrs. Post confirmation you will have access to an easy application form.


To become a NIWEE member, click here


Step 3: 


Produce a 6 to 8 minute video introducing yourself (and post it on your application form). As much as we may like movies, we don't need a fancy production. We ask that you use a free medium, like Zoom and asnwer seven easy questions. If you are having difficulties producing your video, don't let a video stop you from achieving your dream, drop us a note at, and we'll help you


Click here for the questions

Step 2:


Now that you have accesss to your application form, apply to the Enterepreneurship Practical Learning              and Support program. As a recipient of a Grandmother Moon Fellowship, the learning modules and the 3-year support program. If your candidacy is approved, the program will be free



Step 4:


Provide NIWEE with two reference letters demonstrating your resilience. These letters can be from an Elder, an employer (past or present), a schoolteacher, or a customer/business associate if you're already in business. Attach your letters to the application form.

Upon receiving your information, the NIWEE Selection Committee will conduct a pre-selection of candidates. Your video will be crucial in the selection process, and successful candidates will be invited to a final online selection meeting.


If you need more info, contact us at



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