Although Money is needed to train and coach our prospective entrepreneurs, your cheque isn't enough


we need corporate allies

Unique Corporate Sponsorships opportunities as corporate allies

It is essential to acknowledge that providing training and coaching for Indigenous women is crucial to promoting economic prosperity for their families, communities and nations. NIWEE serves as a means of advancing societal and economic development.


Social responsibility in marketing involves focusing on attracting consumers who want to make a positive difference with their purchase. Numerous study reports validate that businesses can benefit significantly by investing resources in projects to promote economic growth and development in local communities. To name a few studies, Forrester, Nielsen, Cone Communications, and Kearney, the latter states that women value visibly pro-female brands more than gender progressive: 


Pro-female purchase behaviour (39% try to buy from these companies, or it is a primary purchase consideration), while gender progressive marketing campaigns were the least important to purchase decisions. And pro-female goes beyond the marketing campaign; it includes leadership for the most passionate women.

NIWEE has created a "Hybrid CSR/Sponsorship Opportunity." It's unique because it enables your Brand to contribute to the Economic Development of Indigenous women, their families, communities and Nations. While helping our sponsors reach their Brand's unique set of goals.


Everything we do is custom. We don't use stock sponsorship packages because we know they don't work. There are many ways we can work together as partners and allies. NIWEE can design customized opportunities to help you achieve your Corporate goals, may it be supporting your Human Resources Activities, Marketing Activities, Public Relations Activities,  Sales Activities or whatever.  


Let's discuss how we can work together to create a true win-win partnership: 





A Strategic Partnership can be a win-win!


Interestingly, philanthropic practice supporting community economic development helps the brand to be seen as a force for good. As a result, your brand can benefit from its impact on the economic well-being of prospective women entrepreneurs, their families, communities and nations.

We see sponsorship as bi-directional. the ‘sponsor’ contributes resources to community economic development to support indigenous women’s entrepreneurial training and coaching. At the same time, NIWEE customizes an activation program designed to the sponsor's specific needs.  

We don’t use stock packages because we know they don’t work. instead, we want to create ‘Avatars’ for you, designed to help you achieve your goals.  In short, we want to hear about your goals and build a customized activation program for you and your budget.

Whether your corporate needs are to: recruit or retain employees, support your marketing or public relations activities, or reduce your brand’s exposure in marketing tests. we have the right assets for you -- let’s talk and see if a partnership would possibly help us achieve each of our goals. Let’s see if we can bring the right assets to inspire your next campaign and give you a competitive advantage.

Collaborating with Organizations


Through partnerships, organizations can achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively. NIWEE is a non-profit Federally Chartered Indigenous corporation. We believe it's important for organizations to collaborate and form partnerships because it helps alleviate operational and programmatic expenses. Sharing costs between both parties makes it easier to manage expenses related to training, shared workspace, workshops, transportation, and anything related to the mission. Whatever your idea or proposed project, let’s talk and see if we can develop a partnership that would be equally beneficial to all allies.  


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