Our Vision

To contribute to levelling the playing field for Indigenous women by responding to the TRC's call to action #92 and to deliver an early-stage entrepreneurial program that focuses on Economic reconciliation, Community, Growth and Dignity


NIWEE is a federally chartered Indigenous not-for-profit owned by its members. It was co-created after national consultation with the help of volunteers from the small business sector, academia and an Indigenous advisory. NIWEE is an Ecosystem, a comprehensive, holistic support system. It is built on the Indigenous idea of two-eyed world views, seeing and support. A blended experience that authentically respects and builds on the strengths of Indigenous and Western ways of knowing and learning. All NIWEE members in good standing have access to all resources available on the site, including discussion groups, webinars, the resource centre and more.

However, the Indigenous women training and coaching program is accessible only to Indigenous women who have applied and have been accepted for the program. Whether the learner is interested in launching a small home-based business or a growth business, NIWEE is a commitment of support to indigenous women interested in starting a business or a social enterprise from point-zero experience





Our Pillars

NIWEE is aligned on the following UN sustainability development goals:



Our Values

Respect for inherent dignity and worth of persons

Service to humanity

The integrity of professional practice

Confidentiality in professional practice 

Commitment to professional practice



How We Help

NIWEE helps prospective women entrepreneurs and early- stage business owners with trusted relationships and access to practical knowledge, mentorship, coaching, networks and business opportunities. For us, this means creating an environment where you can focus on developing your skills and building an innovative and resilient business. We help with the rest.




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