Our Mission

Welcome to your new and unique Indigenous non-profit entrepreneurship community, the National Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs’ Ecosystem (NIWEE).

NIWEE is a platform for providing education training, experiential opportunities, mentoring and business coaching to Indigenous women aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs.

Skill-up with training, business coaching, industry mentorship, and resources to help you launch a business you love and lead the growth of your early-stage enterprise. In the next 3-years, we will support 100 Indigenous women in launching and/or growing a business of their choice, by providing Grandmother Moon Fellowships

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What We Do

We help launch start-ups and scale early-stage businesses.

Ecosystem & Events

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Why Choose Us

NIWEE is free and as a community member, there is a sense of belonging where you can contribute, feel respected, provide impact and most of all feel needed.


The National Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs’ Ecosystem (NIWEE)

NIWEE is an Indigenous federally chartered Canadian not-for-profit Ecosystem. To contribute to the economic empowerment of emerging women entrepreneurs from First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities.

Join Us

NIWEE is looking to bring together an exceptional group of people from different walks of life who share common interests and a common purpose. For some, their interest lies in building a side hustle; for others, it's about learning from their peers; for others, it’s finding a new perspective so that they may achieve their dream. While for others, it's about passion and about contributing knowledge and experience to help break down inequities and support women in building their economic well-being.





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