The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The White Pine tallest tree connecting to mother earth Aki meaning everything that's sacred. Seedlings represent fertility, renewal spirit of the earth, where eagle nest...carrying back prayers to the Creator. 
Artist: Clear Water Women, Doreen Stevens, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg.


The Problem


 Gender inequalities and domestic biases discourage women from undertaking careers as entrepreneurs and business leaders. 


 When prospective entrepreneurs are from minorities and, more specifically, from Indigenous cultures, in addition to gender inequalities, women also suffer from racism and an additional level of biases. But Indigenous women are strong, they are resilient, all they need is a little help to cross the chasm to success. 

You can make a difference


 Supporting Indigenous women entrepreneurs is a donation and investment in empowerment and economic independence. 


 Supporting Indigenous women entrepreneurs doesn't just benefit them; it creates a ripple effect on their famillies, communities and nations and it leads to long-term change. 


Your choice of gifts


 $20 or more

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 In-Kind gift

Types of gifts available



 Supplementary Support

 Business Coach

 Communication Material

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What's NIWEE? 


 NIWEE provides experiential training (work on your business a you learn) opportunities, mentoring and business coaching for up to three years to Indigenous women aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs or interested in scalling their early-stage businesses. 




 NIWEE is also an ecosystem, an online community where Indigenous and non-Indigenous people with shared interest in entrepreneurship and in business leadership get together. It's where amazing things happen: new ideas are created, old processes are improved, and valuable connections are made. It's where NIWEE members (free to join) participate in panel discussions, and webinars and peer to peer exchanges. 


How will you benefit as a Donor? 


Indigenous women play a central role in our communities. Donors have the potential to improve their lives, support their famillies, and contribute to community through entrepreneurship.



NIWEE was developed with the help of the University of Ottawa, an Indigenous Advisory Circle and two women consultants. It is built on a platform that marries Indigenous and Western world views, and sits on three ESG pillars, reduction of poverty, enhancing education and reducing gender inequalities, racism and biases.

Learning to Live their Version of Success





What Impact Will Your Gift Have? 


 Empowerment of Indigenous women as a means to address gender disparities in business and leadership.


 Indigneous women entrepreneurs play a crucial role in enhancing their family and communities economic well being.


 Contribute to breaking down barriers to entrepreneurship and help build a sustainable foundation for the future.



 Your commitment will significantly impact Indigenous women's lives and give you the personal satisfaction of doing good.

 Your gift will empower Indigenous women; it becomes a means to address gender disparities in business and leadership.

 Your gift encourages women to become entrepreneurs, it leads to economic growth because women-led businesses stimulate local economies, create jobs, and contribute to overall prosperity.

In addition to doing good, thanks to the generous contribution of international Indigenous artist Anna House MFA, you will receive a gift of her artwork that can be physically held and displayed, a great conversation piece.


See a sample collection of Anna's art work.

The artwork is also a conversation starter, allowing donors to share the story behind the artwork and the significance of their donation to gender equality and to provide the tools Indigenous women need to support their dream of launching a business or growning their early-stage business.

Anna House, MFA

Anna House is an international artist who lives and works full time in the majestic town of York Harbour, NL. She holds an MFA with honours in Painting from the University of Alberta, a BFA with distinction from the University of Lethbridge, and an honours diploma in Fine Arts from Grant McEwan University. Anna is the recipient of numerous awards and is a standing member of the Gold Key International Honour Society. Her work is held in corporate and private collections throughout Canada, the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea. 


Anna's Salty Sails Studio, is a happy, constant beehive of activity. When she is not in her studio working, Anna can be found out in the local wilderness or at the oceanside gleaning inspiration from her surroundings. Anna attributes her success to the unwavering love and support of her family community, and fellowship with NIWEE.

Anna has a deep love for humanity and her art investigation carefully examines the symbolic power that can be found in the 'ordinary' and 'everyday'. Her work is intended to invoke musings and stories from everyday life, and her use of bright, intense colour, draws inspiration from her rich Aboriginal, French and Dutch heritage.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Your Gift regardless of its size will help NIWEE to:


1.   Deliver its training and support program to Indigenous women looking to launch a business or to scale an early-stage business as well as provide business coaching and mentorship support for a period of up to three years. 


2.  Build NIWEE's cross-Canada Ecosystem Community. A place where all women and men, of all cultures who share a common interest in entrepreneurship come together, to discuss entrepreneurship, to exchange experiences and ideas, to innovate and to maximize impact. 


3.  A community that contributes to enhancing entrepreneurial education, reducing poverty and breakdown barriers of gender inequalities, racism and biases. And where relationships are built, peers engage and collaborate and where trust is built over time. A place where all members share a common goal of encouraging women to become entrepreneurs and business leaders. 


You may wish to contribute financially or in-kind 

Suggested gifting levels as a sign of appreciation


1.   View the Salty Salt Studio presentation, above. 

2.  Select your choice of artwork and make a note of the number(s) of your choice(s). 

3. Indicate the amount of your donation. 

4. Click on next for the form. 

5. Fill the form and indicate your selection number(s). 


Levels (Financial Contribution)


One: $20 to $49 gift, you will receive a thank you note. 

Two: $50 to $99 gift, you will receive a frameable art card – signed by Artist 

Three: $100 to $250 gift, you will receive an art card series – 4 frameable cards signed by Artist (donors choice)

Four: $250 to $500 gift, you will receive a small art print – Matte and signed by Artist (donors choice)


Please select an amount, when filling out your personal information on the next page please indicate the picture(s) of your choice as a gift

What is the amount of your donation?

If you wish to Donate in-kind, as:


1.  A Volunteer


2. As Business Coach - Experience in Marketing, Sales, Communications, Funding or Finance


3. As a Mentor, provide your business experience



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